Prepare for holiday season

The holiday season is approaching, fast, and we’re stepping into a hectic season full of possibilities and opportunities, but also risks. There are some crucial elements that retailers and e-com need to act on to be as successful as possible with their Facebook Advertising and here are Zalster’s best pointers to do so 💰.

Last years data shows that mobile shopping is growing bigger and bigger. Which is why it is important to take this into account in your marketing strategy.

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Mobile shoppers tend to start their Christmas shopping earlier than others and we can see start from October through mid-november. It gives us an indication of the importance to start planning and executing earlier than before.

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As you might know It is not only Christmas we need to keep in mind, below follows a few important dates you need to highlight in your calendar.

11/ 11 SINGLES DAY 💖

What is singles day you might ask? Singles Day comes from China and is a day to celebrate being single. A day which is getting bigger and bigger each year. Make tailor made messages for singles and mimic the way you communicate around Valentines Day. Push singles to splurge and pamper themselves.


Discounts, discounts, discounts! Take advantage of the whole week and build up towards Black Friday.


Special discounts keeps on going until Cyber Monday. Prepare something extra for this day and do not leave it out of your strategy.

24/12 25/12 CHRISTMAS🎄

Gift advice increases and peaks right before Christmas, take advantage of this give value to your customers in your ads. People also do not care as much about offers ( compared to Black Friday) as they do about quick delivery. Emphasize delivery times in your ads.



We can’t stress this one enough. The visual play a big role in the world of social media, where your potential customers constantly consume images and videos. You need to stand out to convert and engage. 

Rules to follow: 

  • What makes your audience tick?  

  • Size of discount ( Black Friday)

  • Big font (look how big it is!) 

  • Super clear bold 

  • High contrast 

During this period we can recommend you to put focus on immediate creatives such as: 

  • Cinemagraphs and GIFs 

  • Short videos 

  • Stories 

  • Carousel

  • Collections

It doesn’t have to be an expensive production. For example you should have a look at Facebooks Video Creation Kit, which provides different templates to play around with.

For more specifications and more info about different Ad formats, visit Facebooks Ads Guide here.


Without a well oiled strategy you might loose out on some amazing ROI. As I said; be prepared and start early. What’s the perfect strategy for you? Well it depends on factors such as budget and goals.  Starting early allows you to investigate which target groups that works best for your company.

Make sure to have up to date customer lists (GDPR compatible) and fresh lookalike groups.  A good seed audience will probably be your golden ticket to success.

To really take advantage and make the most out of this period, you should really think about increasing your ad spend leading up to the peak times mentioned in this article. 

Numero 3: GET THE BASICS 🌈

Make sure you have all your basics right. That your pixel is implemented correctly, your Product Catalogue is up to date and is running without issues. And last but not least; make sure your website is working properly, revise loading times and mobile compatibility.


  1. Have your basics right - pixel, catalogue, audience, webpage. 

  2. Start early - mobile first shoppers starts in October

  3. For Christmas focus on delivery rather than deals - of course use deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

  4. Help customers find the perfect gifts and give advice

  5. Create ads for stories and use the video creation kit. Play around with boomerangs, GIFs etc.

  6. DO NOT create 24 calendar campaigns. The system is not used to to optimize in this way. 

  7. Planning is key!