Ever been jealous of all those fresh Instagram stories popping up on your mobile screen? Ever wondered how they do it? Well we’ve got you covered. With this short article you will be running successful Instagram Stories Ads quicker than you can say hypernervokustiskadiafragmakontravibrationer (which is hickups in swedish). 

We have previously covered the importance of creating quality content, since graphics plays a vital role in capturing your audience’s attention. The principles are the same for Stories. So lets look at how to create Instagram Stories like a pro. 

What is Instagram Stories? 

Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to share moments of their day to day life - since not all content belong in the profile feed. Also, stories disappear 24 hours after you posted and wont appear on your profile or grid, if you don’t want to. Now it is possible to save stories to your profile as a highlight. A place where you can archive happy and special moments for you and others to re-visit.

You can share images, videos and live video and bring them to life with different text, drawing tools, images and gifs. There are even possibilities to make polls about anything to interact with your audience. Another awesome thing about Stories is that it allows you to take up full space of the mobile screen. So placing ads within this placement has shown successful since its launch in 2017. 

Every day 300 million users are active in Instagram stories - so just think about those opportunities waiting for you as a company… 


  1. Be quick - deliver information about the brand in a quick manner and be as brand specific as you can. Fast pacing videos tend to perform better, and make sure to showcase branding early on. 

  2. Video length for Instagram is max 15 seconds, this goes for Instagram Stories as well. 

  3. Relevance - both to your brand and target group.

  4. Lightning is key! What ever you do, do not post an image or a video taken in bad lightning. Does this mean you need to buy expensive equipment? No, of course not. Work with natural light. Hardcore tip: The best light is provided just after sunrise or about one hour before sunset. 

  5. The camera. As mentioned there is no need for expensive equipment,  you’re phone is probably ready for the job, if you don’t have and old brick in your pocket ;) 

  6. Planning is key! Create a content calendar as you probably (hopefully) have for your other social channels. No one wants to see crappy content with no thought or creativity behind it. 

  7. Brand recognition - reflect your brands identity in your stories. The color pallet, fonts and imagery. 

  8. Location and hashtags For hashtags think strategic and be specific. You will disappear with a common hashtag like #food

  9. Native effects such as different filters, stickers and emojis. Instagram has a wide range of these you can use! 

  10. Go live - use stories live function to showcase a product launch or event.

  11. Trial and error - To figure out what works for your audience, of course there needs to be testing involved. 


Another simple hack to create a compelling ad is to create your story as you would when posting organic content and press save —> Go to your business Manager and then use the video/image as an ad for the Instagram Stories placement. Simple as that and no need for expensive tools! 

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment as much as you can. But. Stay true to your brand. Work with the full screen and immersive way of storytelling. 

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