How to increase followers on IGTV

Instagram launched IGTV with the purpose to enable a place for vertical videos of an increased length to be shared by creators of various kinds. Creators, could for example be; Musicians, dancers, comedians, influencers, actors, TV shows, brands and so on. The list is, of course, infinite. 

IGTV enables a new way of growing your audence, by increasing following. The challenge, is though, to know how to increase followers on IGTV in an optimal way. You wany qualitative followers - but also in a high quantity.

The best practices below will continously be updated to guide you on how to increase your following on IGTV. You should also discover our other articles on how to connect your brand’s content between Instagram posts, Instagram Stories - and IGTV. These three different ways of uploading content gives you three very different ways or communicating and engaging with your audience.