Consolidating Ad Variations for Better Performance

You might have heard about Automated Placements in Facebook Ads. It basically means that you allow Facebook algorithms to utilize all available ad placements in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network - in order to find the cheapest conversions. 

Running Automated Placements has since it's launch been one of our main best practices, since it's driving great value to consolidate the data points into fewer ad sets - contrary to splitting up creatives for different ad placements into various ad sets. 

How to maximize customization

As of the spring of 2018, a new option is available in Ads Manager - where you simply can click on "Select all placements that support asset customization". This enables a new option to customize the creatives to each and every of the placements - in a single ad.

This means that you in a single ad unit can run several ad creatives with different visual appearance. I.e. you could have one creative customized for Instagram Story Ads at the same time you're running a square creative for the Facebook feed. 


How to

1. Go to an ad set
2. Click on "Edit placements"
3. Click "Select all placements that support asset customization" (bottom of image).

Why is this better?

The biggest benefit is consolidating the conversion data into fewer ad sets, resulting in a higher statistical significance and quicker learning phase for the Facebook algorithms.