Get started with offline conversions

How does it work?

With Facebook offline conversion measurement solution you can better understand which events such as purchase in your retail store, orders made over the phone or leads by email happened as a result of your Facebook advertising. By uploading offline event data from your customer system you can attribute this to people who saw and clicked on your Facebook ads to better understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and return on your ad spend. 

Get started!

1. Create Offline Event Set:

Go to main menu and select offline events under measure & report. Click button ”Get Started”. Read threw terms and conditions and if you are OK with them click accept. Name your event set and add a description if you like.

2. Assign Ad Accounts For Tracking:

Select ad accounts you want to assign to the offline event set for tracking. For the ad accounts you select, you can enable Auto-Tracking so that all future campaigns within those ad accounts will automatically use this offline event set.

3. Upload Offline Event Data:

Go to offline events. Click the name of you offline event set and then click upload offline events. Click Select File to select your data file (.csv)(.txt) from your computer. You need to prepare your offline data before you upload it. Click View Examples under Customer DetailsEvent Time, or Event Details to learn more about the types of data you can provide. Hover over a data type to see formatting examples or download example file.


4. Map Data:

Click Next: Map Data. Review each column to verify it has been mapped correctly, and resolve any errors or warnings. Errors and warnings may appear if your data is missing, incorrectly mapped or improperly formatted. Click View Examples to review recommend data and formatting examples. Make sure all of your columns are mapped correctly for best results.

5. Review:

Click Next: Review. Review your results and decide whether to continue with your upload, or go back to modify your file and/or mapping. Click to expand a warning to see more details about the issue and recommendations for resolving it. Offline events that are uploaded cannot be deleted or updated, so Facebook recommend resolving as many issues as possible before uploading. Learn more about troubleshooting offline event upload issues.

6. Complete Upload:

When complete, you’ll see the final number of rows that were uploaded and/or skipped. If rows were skipped, you'll see the reasons why they were skipped. Depending on the size of your file, it can take up to 15 minutes for your results to display.

7. View Results:

Go to Ads Manager. Click the columns dropdown menu and select Offline Conversions to load the columns in the offline conversion reporting preset to see your results.

8. Customize Columns:

Click the columns dropdown menu and select customize columns. Select the offline-columns you would like to see and choose your attribution window. Click apply. Go back to columns dropdown menu if you want to save your customized column.

If you like to learn more about offline conversions visit Facebook Help Center.