Facebook Audience Network - what is it?

What is it?

Audience Network is kind of an extension of Facebooks platform based advertising, except it’s happening on a lot of places except on Facebook itself. Simply put, it’s a way of extending your ad campaigns reach beyond Facebook. The Audience Network uses the same targeting, measurement and delivery to make sure you reach the campaign goals you’re trying to achieve.


How does it work?

Publishers or app developers who would like to show Facebook advertisers ads on their platforms can integrate their website or app onto the Facebook Audience Network in a series of steps. After Facebooks reviewing process has approved their platform (certain standards needs to be met in order to provide the high quality that is promised in the FAN) the ads go live.

OK, I want examples...


Banners Ads. 

This is the most common type of ad unit and can be placed on most places throughout an app. 





Interstitial Ads. 

It’s a full screen experience ad that is pretty effective in capturing the users attention. It’s often used as pauses in games or in other spots where a natural break often occurs. 



Native Ads. 

This format creates the possibility to show ads in a native form. The ads that are shown in native tend to have very good interaction results. 

Is it any good?

Well, according to Facebook you get access to about 16% more people when using the Audience Network, as well as threat of risking 15% in conversion losses when removing Audience Network as a placement. However, it’s kind of impossible to control in what environments your ads will be show and what type of content it appears next to. You do however have the alternative to unselect or block a couple of industries such as gambling, adult material, dating, politics etc.

The obvious benefits is reaching a larger audience, this is particularly beneficial when you’re looking to reach a huge number or are in a small niche business. According to Facebook more than 40% of the top 500 apps are integrated with Audience Network, which provides a qualified and well populated space. Facebook also states that the Audience Network is virtually fraud-free and doesn’t have bot traffic, which makes it an even more attractive location to put your advertising budget. Also, more than 80% of Audience Network impressions are now native. This means that it’s a fantastic way to reach out without being as intrusive and in your face as traditional banner advertising.